Talent and passion are two essential factors and determinant of success in the music world, especially the world of rap artists. The world has witnessed the rise of so many artists with this excellent combinations but has only seen little of this amazingly talented artist called Kemonte Devon Stewart aka Trap Wooda.

Trap Wooda is a passionate artist with zeal and determinations to succeed in the music industry regardless of the hurdles and challenges he would need to overcome. Motivated by reputable rap artists, his children, and life history, the Aspiring rapper ventured into the rap world to make a difference singing from his life experience and making people dance and smile through his hot flow and burning lyrics. Trap Wooda is a member of the Young Trap Nation Music label where the best of rap songs with fantastic beats are produced.

With the focus on getting to the top of his career and gaining international recognition as one of the world best artists, The 19 year old Trap Wooda from Elkhart Indiana has refused to live in the fantasy of greatness but has constantly been striving and working hard to make his dreams a reality.

Anticipate great music from this multi-talented artist. He is going to make it rain soon, and you will need an umbrella to survive the downpour of his hot vibes.